Feedster: New My product launches

Feedster’s launched My Feedster, a news aggregator/indexer, Congrats, Scott & Scott! I’ve signed up, but haven’t added enough feeds yet to get a sense of what reading posts is like in this interface, as opposed to in my news aggregator.
The interesting capability will be subscribing to a Feedster feed–based on a keyword–and then reading that in the My interface.
The guys have also provided a slicker interface and some terms for subscribing to their indexed feeds–an ego feed would be an RSS feed for “Susan Mernit” for example, while a “recipe feed” is for a specific term related to food, such as “avocado.” What’s interesting here is that they’ve offered these capabilities for months–but now they’re packaged up as mini-products for users.
(BTW, they did a nice job on the online tutorial explaining what this is–guess they’d like some people not on the bleeding edge to check it out.)