Four days in New York: The Remix

Heading back to the West Coast after four days in New York. It was a good trip.
highlights include:
–Conversation and coffee with friends and colleagues, among them blogger/filmmaker Greg Allen, Ken Jordan, who’s developing projects in support of Augmented Social Networks, and Tacoda CEO Dave Morgan, who’s building a next-generation audience management tools business.
–Time with my brother and sister. One of my vows in past years has been to invest more time with my siblings and their families. The time I’ve invested seems to be paying off–I feel very close to both of them, love their spouses, and adore their kids. Given how much family turmoil I lived through at an earlier time, this is particularly wonderful.
–A visit to the MOMA gift shop, where I fell in love with a batch of fluorescent nylon soft bags from Japan and the world’s coolest red and turquoise leather card case.
–Lunch with a former co-worker and friend who’s going back to school to get a teaching degree; she’s a architecture buff, and we had talking about Sunnyside Gardens and other NYC planned communities.
–Work–the past, present, and prospective clients I came in to see, as well as time with my 5ive partners.