Kevin Kelly piece in Wired

Wired does a piece on the wonderful Kevin Kelly, whose Cool Tools site and email is amazingly addictive.
Kelly has been one of my heroes since he edited Whole Earth Review, and he’s just an amazing, interesting person who translates his own interests in terrific articles and projects. The Wired article is a Q&A-here’s an excerpt:
WN: So you see the Net as the natural medium for Whole Earth-type publications?
KK: Yeah, it is. I think part of the charm — and maybe the website version as well — is the surreptitious, associative connections you can make with having four different kinds of tools next to each other. It’s having a sense of possibility. In the morning, you’re not thinking at all about oil filters … or fast-drying underpants or glue guns. (Then my e-mail comes) along and it’s suggesting a world bigger than sitting in front of a computer and maybe even in their adjacent proximity, it might suggest something in between the two. And that was one of the joys that the huge tabloid-sized pages of the Whole Earth Catalog did. It’s hard to capture on a little piece of paper, but somehow it is captured in an e-mail.