Microsoft’s The Spoke uses RSS 2.0 specification & more

Just read an article about The, the new community Microsoft has just launched for young developers. In the process of setting up an account and checking it out, I noticed something very interesting–the RSS feeds they create use the specs for RSS 2.0 posted at The Berkman School of Law at Harvard, ie Dave Winer specs. That seems cool.
Re, some comments:
Bob Scoble, who works for Microsoft, says: ” I hadn’t even heard about this. Looks interesting! ”
Blog Herald says: “Our source tells us that there is much, much more in the pipeline however, and that Microsoft may launch multiple blog sites aimed at various communities, just as thespoke is aimed at programmers, each one aimed at taking on the competition through shear weight of numbers.”
Microsoft Watch says: Microsoft Research is developing social-networking software code-named “Wallop,” the first fruits of which could show up in 2006 when the “Longhorn” version of Windows goes live. Wallop is designed to use blogs, wikkis, instant-messaging and e-mail to connect individuals in peer groups. Microsoft officials have said to expect an RSS aggregator to be part of the Longhorn user interface.”
I’m eager to see what users of Tribe and social software networks think of this product–it is definitely an effort to put Live Journal on steroids and bring in more aspects of both the sociable and semantic web. HOwever, it is still kinda…kludgy..