NYC writes: Mr. and Mrs. Blog

Just discovered Gotham Gal, a hip blog by a NYC executive mom. Intrigued by this smart, sincere, and definitely privileged author, I read her bio, clicked on a couple of links, and realized that this smart little site is written by Joanna Solomon Wilson, former exec at Silicon Alley Reporter , cofounder of the ed tech nonprofit Mouse, and wife of VC Fred Wilson, who is now blogging at AVC.
Funnily enough, it looks like old pal Jason Calcanis, Wilson and Solomon-Wilson all started blogging within a week of one another, around early September/late October 2003.
Interesting that these smart and accomplished married folk would both be interesting bloggers…this is probably one of those things everyone in a certain circle in New York knows, but until thirty minutes ago, it was news to me. Well, you’re both on my blog roll now.