USA Today on Elections 2004: It’s the blogs, baby

USA Today has discovered blogging, just in time for the 2004 election ramp-up:
“In the 2004 election, the boys (and girls) on the bus have been joined by a new class of political arbiters: the geeks on their laptops. ..They call themselves bloggers.
Many bloggers are not professional journalists. Few have editors. Most make no pretense of objectivity….Yet they’re forcing the mainstream news media to follow the stories they’re pushing,”
The big wet kiss continues breathlessly, explaining “Their audience tends to be an elite crowd of political junkies who have almost non-stop access to a computer and large amounts of time to surf the Internet for breaking news. In short: political consultants and journalists.”
Wouldn’t it be useful if this story convinced political media buyers to spend more dollars online in general-and on blogs in particular?