All Consuming: Most linked-to books of 2003

Erik Benson’s got a list up of the most linked books of 2003. It doesn’t surprise me that Harry Potter and a slew of science fiction books top the chart, but I am shocked that the most linked book– Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix–is mentioned only 586 times.
Even given the fact Erik tracks Amazon links, clearly not enough people write about the books they are reading.
If there are a million active weblogs, and this book is at the top of the best seller lists, that suggests that either only a very small selection of the total sum of readers of the latest HP are bloggers, or that many bloggers do not post about what they read.
On Feedster, there are over 18,879 references to Return of the King, and 3,255 references to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Many people are sharing their blog lists…how about more book info, as well?