AOL: Bottomed out again?

From the Washington Post: “We project [America Online] has bottomed out,” says Richard Parsons, chief of AOL parent Time Warner. “We will have to prove we have a sustainable model for growth of the business.
Given that AOL has been telling staffers “this is the bottom” since at least Summer 2002, one wonders when the TW unit will get tired of owning the biggest and the–hardest to fix?–dial-up service. Knowing the NY and Dulles guys, one hope may be to sell enough ads on MovieFone, Mapquest, and other hitherto secondary properties to offset the AOL service problems. And then make AOL Latino really work(seems like a great oppty there).
A nice joint venture with a big telco, retailer, or tech company wouldn’t hurt either–Oh yeah, they tried all of those and none of them helped…Well, maybe it’s time to bring back those adult chat rooms with a private label service.
More from the NY Daily News: “The online giant kept bleeding, losing 400,000 more subscribers. And AOL spooked investors by reporting that among its 24.3 million members, 431,000 aren’t paying.”