Are you a start-up CEO? Read this

Interview by editor/writer Tony Nash on Always On with Heidi Roizen, Valley legend, on the top truths for start-up CEOs. While this piece has a somewhat unreal, it’s 1998 again tone, her observations are shrewd and interesting, IMHO. An excerpt:
“Q: “…WhatÂ’s the hardest lesson for a startup CEO to understand?
Answer: “Time and time again, it is the lesson of the true cost of the under-hire. The CEO fills a role out of desperation, or recruits a buddy who is not quite the right fit but will do for now, and then that person in turn takes the organization down the wrong paths, hires the wrong people, et cetera…. My advice to CEOs is to hire the very best, act as if your life depended on every person you bring on your team, and put a ton of cycles into finding, referencing, recruiting, and retaining those people.”