Being yourself and PLINK/Foaf

Greg Gershman has a post about FOAF (friend of a friend identity systems) that discusses his realization that it is possible to have multiple–and different FOAF files because someone else can create a file for you by listing you within their own FOAF file as someone they know.
He writes, “…When Plink polls my FOAF file, it recognizes my name as “Greg,” but when it hits anyone else’s FOAF file, and they happen to have used my full first name, Plink replaces what I state with what others have stated.” Greg goes on in more detail about PLINK and generating FOAF files and the idea that you should have the ability to define the FOAF file you create as the “main’ one.
There are a couple of FOSF files for me on PLINK…Only one of them has the ‘right’ data, however.
UPDATE: As Ben Hoskens points out, my picture has disappeared…I am now represented by a picture of — Mitra–go figure!