Blogger/Media dinner-February 18th–Cafe Bastille 7 PM–Note changed date!!

Deeje Cooley, JD Lasica, myself and some others are pulling together a bloggers/media folks dinner for Wednesday, February 18th at the Cafe Bastille in San Francisco. Enoch Choi has already let us know he’s planning to come, and we’ll start telling more people, but this is the invite–if you’re reading this and you’re interested in attending, please post a comment to that effect or send an email (see address at top of page).
We’ll let people know who’s planning to attend as the time gets closer—just a chance to hang out and talk…
Note: We changed the date by a week so the eTech folks could come. Hope everyone else can still make it!
Directions to the cafe are here, btw. And here’s the menu.