Cooperative encyclopedia to post 200,000th article

Dan Gillmor reports that the Wikipedia, a peer-reviewed and cooperatively written encyclopedia, is about to post its 200,000 article. Given that Wikipedia has no editors, no assignments, and an organizational structure that can be described as organic, this is amazingly cool.
Gillmor writes: “Wikipedia is based on a kind of software called Wiki. A Wiki allows any user to edit any page. It keeps track of every change. Anyone can follow the changes in detail.
A Wiki engenders a community when it works correctly. And a community that has the right tools can take care of itself.
The Wikipedia articles tend to be neutral in tone, and when the topic is controversial, they will explain the varying viewpoints in addition to offering the basic facts. When anyone can edit what you’ve just posted, such fairness becomes essential.”
Check it out if you have not seen it.