Dave Winer: More fun with OPML Share

If you’re a blogger and/or use a newsreader and haven’t checked out what Dave Winer has whipped up for posting and sharing newsreader files, run your little fingers over to OPML Share
…And if you are of the techie persuasion, be aware that Dave’s back there in the tech kitchen crafting some nifty capabilities developers can play with.
He writes: “I’ve spent the last few days coding a new flow of static OPML files. (snip)
…When it’s released we’ll have sample code for Python, Tcl and UserTalk and perhaps a few other languages. It’s all XML so it’s easy to work with. And then, when you have an idea for an app that builds on the Share Your OPML flow, you can ask any developer with a scripting language to develop it for you, not just me.”