Dept of as the Internet goes, so goes AOL

TW CEO Dick Parsons, speaking at a conference: “AOL remains highly profitable. It funds itself and generates a billion (dollars) in free cash flow annually. We believe AOL’s results bottomed in 2003.”
We all know that online advertising in general–and AOL’s in particular–bottomed out in 2003, but how about subscription acquisition and renewals?
Did they bottom as well?
As AOL gets into the integrated services and transaction business–becoming the Sears of the online market–offering computer tuneups, spyware detectors, parental controls, and a snazzy recipe area that can even sell you a grill–will low-end consumers have renewed interest in their narrowband offering? And will the Broadband service, with its iTunes shop, AOL radio, movies clips, etc. pull in the teens and the affluent suburbanites?
That scenario would be great for my still underwater and rapidly expiring stock options..the challenge, as always, will be how AOL messages and executes on the plan.