Dept of Getting Out: Internet Archive lunch

Attended the Friday “open lunch” at the Internet Archive in the Presido today as the last of my getting out efforts before I hunker down to work next week. Brewster has a magical ability to create community–there were all sorts of wraps(sandwiches) on the table, soda, water, seltzer, and about 30 people, half staff, half visitors, crowded around a big table. Each person introduced themselves, said why they were there, and talked about things they were working on. Many of the comments were tantalizing.
After the go-rounds, people broke into small groups and talked more.
When I left at 2:30, there were knots of people having meetings all over the first floor of the office and I had met some interesting new people, reunited with an old friend from WAIS days, and had a productive meeting with some folks.