Dept of Getting Out More, North Berkeley division

Spent most of today in North Berkeley, practicing the zen of getting out more. In typical New York fashion, I arranged to meet 2 people in a row– JD Lasica and then Phil Wolff, and in typical Bay area fashion (which is much better), we ended up in all hanging out together–JD, Phil, Mary Hodder and myself.
Of course, the blogmeisters have already chronicled the talk over lattes, but I have to say how much fun it was– One of the reasons I wanted to move back to the Bay area was the amazing creativity here around community and technology. New York is the home for media, fashion, and commerce, all very compelling to me, but there is a kind of creative development–technology meets the consumer–that I haven’t experienced in other places to the extent I experience it here, and I find it very stimulating.
Later in the day, I spent some time with Peter Merholz, and had an another wonderful time.
Peter’s both high-energy and laid-back; he’s a partner in Adaptive Path, a user experience -focused company that has grown since it started three years ago and is branching out into workshops and publications. Talking with him, you can see why the company’s been so successful—he’s spot on in his thinking.
Of course, the tradeoff for all this daytime fun is I have to do a bunch of work tonight, but so be it.