Dolce: We’ve all gone tabloid

I Want Media i nterview with long time style journalist and new Star Mag editor in chief Joe Dolce. Some quotes:
On tabloid journalism: “All media have gone more tabloid, certainly. Tabloids are gutsy and break news. In that way, television news has taken on a more aggressive stance. And that’s one reason why the tabloids have a problem in the marketplace today, because many magazines and television news have taken on a tabloid voice. They’ve diluted what the tabloid once was.”

On the new Star and its competititors
: “The new Star Magazine fills a gap. If People is the granddaddy of celebrity magazines and Us Weekly is the upstart adolescent, then there’s an enormous gap between those two. And In Touch is sort of just a fake magazine, right?…..(snip)…So there’s a huge place in the middle — between the grandfather and the upstart adolescent — to fill….(snip).. Us Weekly is very geared to a young audience. We’ll cover young stars as well as celebrities like Roy Horn [of Siegfried & Roy], Liza Minnelli, David Gest … ”
The new (glossy paper) Star launches in limited markets this week. Let’s see how it sells. And what their web strategy is, assuming they have one.