More like that: Writing on assignment

10 month ago, I wondered if I’d want to produce more journalism pieces and did a couple to try it out (I was a full-time freelance writer for about 3 years, oh, about 10,000 years ago.) I decided that journalism was great, but that I didn’t want to put alot of energy into writing on assignment.
In the past year, I’ve written almost daily in this blog, and really come to enjoy posting. I’ve also rediscovered my own passion for organizing data and doing research, key part of my consulting work. These facts, combined with the fact I go to new places and instinctively think about story ideas, have made me decide to do more writing outside of the blog in 2004.
What and for whom have yet to be decided, but I am going to talk to some of my more active journalist friends and get their POV on editors to talk with. If anyone reading this has suggestions or possible assignments, let me know…would like to hear your thoughts.