My secret life: Hanging with the harmonica cats

The fact my husband’s a musician means we spend a lot of time–and I mean a lot–going to blues clubs to hear friends play–or to wait for a chance for Spencer to sit in. I get spouse brownie points for these expeditions, kinda like guys going shopping for clothes with their wives, so I try to go whenever I can.
Tonight we went up to Redwood City for a “Harmonica Blues Summit” featuring Gary Smith, RJ Micho, Andy Santana and Red Archibald. Johnny Cat and Mike Phillips, guitar and bass, backed everyone up.
It was a blast! All these guys are really solid players and the crowd loved it.
(Of course, I always get off on what everyone looks like–software engineers out on a binge, guys wearing Hawaiian shirts as a daring fashion statement, and aging Pink Ladies and Jets…it’s not a music for the under 30-crowd, for the most part, it seems.)