Noted: Media News

KeepMedia, started as a microcontent publishing platform for old(er) media publishers, says that its model is shifting to being the online media retailing platform for publishers and a way to “merchandise content.” I’m not sure I get what this means, but Rafat says their services could give publishers–or anyone–for that matter–the capability to sell downloads of media a la iTunes.
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Consumer Reports
: Reuters r reports that the awesome Elizabeth Crow will be the new editorial director for Consumer Reports.
The Newspaper Association of America’s annual Connections conference opens today, and this year has a conference blog, written and edited by Melinda Gipson.
Yellow pages company DexMedia , has converted all of its 240,000 yellow page display ads into searchable online content. The company publishes 270 directories in 14 Western and Midwestern states(Via iMedia)
Mediapost: Local alternative newspapers growing at twice the rate of daily newspapers.,