TCS: Are social networks snoops’ paradise?

Sonia Arrison at Tech Central Station: “Friendster, Ryze, Linked-in, Tribe.Net, Yafro, Plaxo, and Spoke are a networker’s dream but a privacy-hawk’s nightmare. These sites are aggregating information, provided by people themselves, that could prove almost as useful as a Total Information Awareness (TIA) program to government snoops.
…With a $12 million dollar federal grant and co-operation from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, a company called Seisint is working on a system named MATRIX (Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange) to compile an electronic dossier on every person in the nation.
I joined Friendster, Ryze, Linked-in, Tribe.Net, Yafro, Plaxo and Spoke and stand amazed at the amount of data they hold.”
For everyone involved in social networking who is worried about the privacy implications, this is a useful and interesting article…take a look.