Topix: “We now have the largest number of RSS feeds on the Net”

Rich Skrenta says that Topix has added RSS feeds to all their structured data searches. He writes “We have a feed for every ZIP code in the US, a feed for every public company, a feed for every sports team, a feed for every movie star, band and musician…and more.”
He also says, “I told Dave Winer about it … but he flamed me. He said I had used the wrong version of RSS, and would never henceforth utter the name ‘Topix’. Sigh. (so much for perl -MCPAN -e ‘install XML::RSS’)”
My net access was unbelievably slow last night, so I never got to use my newsreader, but I do plan to add some of Topix’s feeds later today and check’em out.