Want to blog a conference? Invite bloggers

Jeff Jarvis on the New Media Federation Connections conference blog and its lack of participants: “ If you wanted the conference blogged, it’s really quite simple: Invite bloggers. And they will blog.”
Jeff says people like to contribute to their own blog. I’d add that the groups blogs I’ve read from conferences (and I’ve been studying this recently for a possible project) have most of the contributors lined up in advance, and that all of the core posters have blogged before–the passerbys use the comments feature if the trolls don’t get it first. The AdTech MarketingWonk conference blog was a good example of this form.
Jeff also says that the point is to have multiple bloggers blogging: “Now, instead of making everyone come to one place for one source of news, news is everywhere; there’s more news than ever; it’s just a matter of finding it (and finding the right news). It’s also a matter of enabling these many, diverse, and decentralized sources of news — these citizens — to work.”
I’d say that we did this at BloggerCon on Boston, and it has been done at many other conferences, and it also works really well, especially with a master page and RSS feed to make the bloggers unified and accessible.
I would like to here from the smart and hardworking NAA staff what they thought about the experience and why it didn’t take off. Hopefully, this won’t stop them from another effort next year, just set up differently.