YASN: Will Google launch Orkut mail?

What if Orkut became the email engine Google was thinking about building? ” Friendster for grownups” as David Ross dubbed it this am, seems to be having very viral growth, with hundreds of thousands of folks piling on in the first 2 weeks. So why not Orkut mail? And perhaps Orkut RSS reader pages as well?
What an amazing way for Google to enter whole new sectors of the market–and have great spaces for their personal data-mining search tools–as well.
If Google pulls off entry into the consumer market in a whole new way via Orkut, it may also prove that hiring brilliant engineers pays off as a product development strategy–who needs those editorial and marketing folk when you have Orkut B.?
Extra: Cory D on YASN, wise doubts about orkut from Roland Tanglao,, Headshift, and comments on the sheer fatigue and overwhelmingness of it all from Judith Meskill, via McGee., inspired by a Leander Kahney Wired story on backlash.