You coulda been there: San Francisco Red, Custom and Motorcycle Show

On the theory that I should do things with my son that he enjoys, I accepted his invitation to go to the San Francisco Red, Custom and Motorcycle Show at the Cow Palace.
This was the place to see totally redone ’41 Fords, ’55 Chevys, 60’s Woodies,70’s GTOs and customized bikes of every persuasion, plus the tattoo-adorned, moustache-sporting, long-hair sporting, fringed leather and skull and cross bones t-shirt adorned men who love them–not to mention the motocycle chicks for a day who put on very specific and funky costumes to accompany their swains to this event.
If you’re getting that fish our of water vibe, you’re reading me correctly–although a lot of the cars were intensely cool, I felt seriously out of place–and it wasn’t just the two Hooters girls posing to sell their calendars, or the boys enviously eyeballing the flame-painted toys–it was the ‘hey this is serious’ vibe from our companions.
Every time I walked past a car and said “Hey, I like that!” to the folks we we were with, there was no response, the subtext being “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”
Zack, on the other hand, had a blast, talking knowledgably about hemis and manifolds and things in that family.