Blogdigger groups:Packaging other people’s content

Are you part of the conversations among people who want to see the blogs their friends are reading–and, in fact, wish their friends would package up their interests into blogging bundles–Phil Wolff’s list of knowledge management blogs for example? If yes, you probably want to check out Blogdigger’s Group Blog feature, which allows someone to aggregrate feeds into a “group blog”–Or more accurately, to create a blog by grouping a selection of other blogs together. Greg Gersham posted notes about it just last week, so it seems fairly new.
Greg says: “One of the neat features of Blogdigger Groups are the different types of Groups. First off, you can choose to make your group Private or Public. A private group is password-protected. Only those people who you choose to give the group password to can view the group (private groups won’t be listed in the main groups index). Public groups are viewable by anyone, and are listed in the Groups index.”
Roland Tanglao has a test group up,, with an XML feed, There’s a bundle of Blogspot blogs, and Salon blogs, and Berkeley blogs. and so on…not unlike Feedster’s feedpapers. bundles of feeds on political topics–only Blogdigger lets you build it yourself and then publishes the results in a directory…Something Winer’s Share your OPML does as well, in a way.