Discussion: New visions for blogging tools

In preparation for spring BloggerCon, Dave Winer’s started a terrific new discussion about the vision for the next generation of blogging tools. A wonderful aggregration of ideas–with some very rich concepts–is happening in the comments thread–103 posts so far.
Some ideas (in no particular order:
“I’m fairly new to blogging but here’s what I’d like to see.
I’d like to see built into the google toolbar or browser, an icon that shows whether the webpage your looking at has been blogged about.”–Dan (no sig)
“The single feature I’d find most useful is the relatively automatic ability to incorporate link info from places like Amazon and BN and CD Now and eBay and other “marketplaces” to my blog references.”– Dan Shafer
“An About or “Profile” page management system that does some of the things found in the current crop of Social networking sites. eg – Maintain html pages of profile description and contact detail – Allows your friends to identify themselves and leave a link to their profile pages – Allow your friends to leave comments/guestbook/endorsements – Automatic Blogroll-RSS Subscription management – Export all of the above as FOAF – Acts as an identity server for single signon .”– Julian Bond
” A tool so incredibly simple any child or non-Internet, non-PC user could figure out immediately how to use it: Oh, I put this there and I can get to it from anywhere. “This” can be text, a photo, a sound, a video, a shopping list, a school paper, anything. “Put” can mean type or drag-and-drop or even the dreaded “browse.” “Get” can mean that from a simple address on a simple page, I can find this thing again or send my friends there to find it. “Anywhere” means it should be accessible from the web or mobile phones or RSS or whatever. : The tool should be easily translated into ANY language on earth. That is how we will change this world, when blogging tools work in Arabic and Korean and Chinese of various stripes and Balkan languages and such.” — Jeff Jarvis (part of a much longer–and wonderfully on-target note)
If this is a topic of interest, this discussion is fah schnizzle, as a certain much younger member of my household might (jokingly) say.