Dori Smith: “I think that this meme is crap.”

Dori Smith, reacting to an eTech discussion: : “If you’re hiring, here’s a tip: if your group is part white, part black, part asian, part indian, 1/2 female, and entirely 22 years old, your group is not diverse.”
Dori adds: “There aren’t enough women in the tech biz to be role models for the youngsters now. The solution isn’t to throw girls into the pit hoping that the pit will someday fill up; the solution is to work on increasing the numbers of older women (i.e., over 35) in the field, and then the role model problem solves itself.”
There’s a terrific discussion going in Dori’s comments for this post.
And a great summary of the etech discussion at Joho the Blog:”Who has been really successful in making products that survived the dot-com bust? Anil suggested that it wasn’t coincidental that the two major blogging products (, Movable Type) had significant influence by women (Meg Hourihan and Mena Trott) during their development. Other examples: Dokomo, The Sims, eBay, Microsoft Wollop, Microsoft Research. (Purple Moon, Liz says, failed because it tried to make products only for girls, and thus didn’t get the balance right.) ”