Hey, Big spender: Ovitz & Eisner

LA Times story today on Michael Eisner and Michael Ovitz starts with this lead:
“Just five weeks after hiring Hollywood power agent Michael Ovitz as president of Walt Disney Co. in 1995, Chairman Michael Eisner believed his friend should be fired.
But he hesitated out of fear that Ovitz would commit suicide
Ovitz was a big expense account spender. According to the story, Ovitz spent:
–More than $2 million to remodel his office. $48,305 on Ovitz’s home screening room and $14,055 on his home office
–$99,135 to buy his BMW from his former employer
–Nearly $80,000 on gifts
–$348,445 for entertaining
–$97,868 for Los Angeles Laker basketball tickets.
–Limousine, rental cars …$76,413
–Security services …$149,391
–Aircraft usage… $654,200
–Home X-ray machine… $6,100
–55 Roy Lichtenstein prints… $23,650
Wonder what Eisner’s expenses look like?