Keep Media: Will readers pay $50 bucks a year?

John Blossom article: ” What you have today at KeepMedia is a cross-publication portal that blends a growing list of more than 150 consumer, business and professional magazines and journals as well as news wire content into an online environment that is editorially managed in some sections but that also includes some very nifty automated content tracking tools. The more that one uses KeepMedia to search for content the more that it learns about your needs and interests – information that it uses to alert you to newly available content in an Amazon-style fashion, either via the portal or via email updates.”
Blossom gives a good run down of Keep Media thinking and tis emerging business model, but it strikes me that the KM team is basically trying to merchandise articles and bits of content like so many supermarket skews–but that few readers consume information in that fashion. Most of us rely on credible brands–newspaper, magazines, authors, columnists,bloggers–or on the latest news about a breaking story. We don’t think of looking on the web for ‘content retailing environment,'” ad CEO Doug Herrington describes KM.
Does KeepMedia offer services–like Amazon–that are core to users’ time-starved behaviors–or it is banking on converting users as a time-saving ‘nice to have’? Can it afford to attract the critical mass of customers it needs to make it worthwhile for publishers to do deals with them? And, perhaps most importantly–can Google–or Amazon, for that matter–easily subvert their model and offer a similar product, at far less cost?
Welcome to start-up land, where brave new efforts prevail and time tells all tales.
Update, 2/23: KeepMedia launches RSS feeds. Is there a business model for this? Or is it a way for potential customers for trial? Or why buy the milk when you get the cow for free? (I always wanted to write that.)
(Via John Battelle)