Kerry(supposed) infidelity and the blogosphere response

Reading items on Kerry and not seeing anything about this supposed infidelity reported anywhere besides Matt Drudge, so I head to Technorati to see if people are talking about it. Yes, they are, and while there are 26 posts with the term ” Kerry infidelity,” no one seems to know anything. Some snippets of the conversation:
“My guess is this Kerry infidelity thing isn’t going to hurt him politically, even if proven, which I doubt it will be. It may matter to me, but the American people gave Clinton a pass, and I believe Kerry will get that same pass.”– Rivitman’s Daily Axe
“don’t care. I don’t care so much that I wish I could hit myself in the head with a hammer right now until all memory of this story falls out and makes room for something useful.” Megan McArdle
On feedster, there are other links for the same query:
“After months of listening to the left call Bush a traitor, a liar and a genocidal dictator, “sleaze” is what the press is choosing to call the alleged revelation of Kerry’s infidelity. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.” Say Anything
“Drudge is reporting that there may be a Kerry infidelity scandal. I suspect that infidelity is no longer enough to derail a Presidential campaign…. ” Calblog
Update– Dave Wineberger on Kerry scandall: “Let’s all get together and just not care!”
Glad to see people have a healthy cynicism, wondering if these posts reflect the sentiments of the public at large.