New direction for Feedster? Launches partnership with InfoWorld

IDG’s Infoworld and Feedster today announced a new partnership– Feedster has launched an Infoworld branded “My Feedster” news aggregator. While the press release says this will ” allows access to multiple content feeds from InfoWorld, technology vendors, and other RSS content providers,” in reality, when I went to the URL I found my same old feeds (maybe because I am one of the bleeding edge early adopters.
Anyway, this suggests that one revenue-producing direction for Feedster could be to partner with media and information entities to create web-based aggregators, brand them, and participate in the ad revenue–which the partners will sell in a sponsorship model.
It also hints at a potential enterprise and corporate play–CEO Scott Rafer says: “Feedster’s partnership with InfoWorld expands the use of RSS to a broader audience. We look forward to working with InfoWorld to bring the relevance and timeliness of RSS search and information delivery to IT and business decision-makers.”
The new Infoworld RSS feeds are listed on the home page of the site–this is a good example of how to use RSS to reach a wider audience, and a sign that RSS-related businesses may be able to get–and sustain–paying customers.