Play it again: selling magazine renewals online

One of the now established ways for publishers to sell subscriptions is via online advertising.
But when it comes to renewing those subs, the standard way to go remains those notices that start coming in the mail, aka direct marketing.
What if there was an electronic renewal form that could be sent via (html) email? Would it work?
This ContentBiz piece tells the story of a retention direction in a newsletter business who decided to develop and test online renewal and how the pieces performed.
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  1. Cathy says:

    More people are now ordering renewals online. Paper reminders can be confusing and sometimes publishers send these reminders as early as 6 months before the subscription espires. Web-site like do offer email renewal reminders as well as fulfill the renewals online.

  2. mag reader says:

    Yes. Magsn and other agencies out there are renewing readers at introductory, loss-leader rates. To the extent that this works it shrinks the magazines’ revenue base and increases the chances that subscription-driven publications will not survive. Not a boon to the industry.

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