Remote viewing: DEMO conference

DEMO started today, and the product demonstrations and discussion are flowing. Sifry at Technorati built a DEMO watchlist, updated every 30 minutes, highlighting what bloggers are posting about the conference. There’s a SixApart DEMO weblog,, and also a Feedster page for DEMO, similar to what they’ve done for other conferences.
Feedster also launched some new things–a Politics tab that allows bloggers to choose a candidate, then once they blog a Feedster-generated post, then port the feed to their site.
Or, users can click on what they’re calling feedpapers to find a results page for a candidate, such as this Latest in the Kerry Blogosphere. Taking a page from technorati, the new feedster page says they let you “listen to the web.” Sadly, for The Sharpton Update, no one is talking–the page is completely BLANK.
Let the product development begin!
UPDATE: Yawn, it’s past work time, but I am reading blogs and playing with the Feedster Builder, a toolthat walks you through their capabilities to build customized feed delivery.,