Superbowl: “It’s the dumbing down of America”, plus Janet’s bounce for the ounce

Okay, I missed every moment of the Superbowl this year cause I was busy a) working b) doing things that were fun.(and I don’t mean flipping through my orkut friends’ lists.) However, I read the news like everyone else, so I found out last night that
Justin Timberlake ripped Janet Jackson’s leather gladiator bra off at the end of the halftime show (produced by MTV) and exposed her–right breast!–but with the nipple covered with a silver tassel! Clearly, these celebs were making a statements–probably at the direction of their handlers–seeking to be as profound as Madonna and Britney were.
Today, there’s more dissection of What Happened and What it Means.
Ad guy Donny Deutsch (who almost bought NY Magazine and pondered running for office)says in USA Today: “It was a good mirror of what’s going on in TV overall. Dumb is funny. Jessica Simpson is funny. In many ways, it’s a continuation of the dumbing down of America.”
Update: Amy’s Robot shows Janet’s boob.