YASN: I have Social Network Fatigue Syndrome

As I’ve said, I’ve registered myself at most of the social network sites, but am suffering from SNFS–Social Network Fatigue Syndrome
It’s just too tiring to try to maintain networks at all the sites–and it’s starting to feel tiring to set up on a new site–even tho the promise of new capabilities is enticing. Yes, I am suffering from Social Network Fatigue Syndrome.
What are the symptoms?
—A flush of wild excitement at the announcement of a new network, followed by an instanteous compulsion to sign up and check it out.
—-Immediate registration and searching the new service, followed by an overwhelming reluctance to whip out the address book and send all those invites—again.
–A creeping reluctance to use the new service–it’s just too much work, and how great could it be anyway?
–Numbed horror as friends join the new network and send you invites that require a decision. Even yes or no seems too difficult to call.
–Hope the next YASN will launch soon and you can forget about this one and what a poor job you did trying it out.