Google offers personalized search

Brand new personalized search beta from Google.
I’ve just filled out a profile, which involved clicking on lots of little topic boxes. Now I’m trying a “personalized” search.
When I type in a query for “American bulldog” I get 65,400 results–the top ones from an AB association.I run the same query on plain ol’Google and I get 60,800 results, with the top results from the same sources as my personalized query.
Do I get what this new beta is supposed to do?
Do I wish I got it?
You betcha.
The FAQ says:
” Google Personalized web search delivers custom search results that are based on a profile you create describing your interests. For example, people with an interest in the outdoors will see different relevant sites for a search on “bass” than people who are interested in music. Google Personalized web search is currently available in test mode on Google Labs, where you can create and save your profile and see results tuned to your preferences. Your results can be instantly rearranged by dragging a slider at the top of the page to go from no personalization to full personalization or anywhere in between.”
Okay, so this is probably the Kaltix acquisition deployed.
Guess I have to keep playing with it to see the real value. The idea of being able to set search parameters within a search query is obviously very important—Need to play with it more to get the potential more fully.
Update: Battlle’s take here.