Just around the bend: New tools, new businesses

Missed a good post by T Jacobi–picked up by deejecooley’s BloggerJack Reporter on new and upcoming blog aggregrators, filters, and search engines, along the lines of topix, kinja, and the just redesigned and revamped Technorati. Jacobi wonders if AI tools will help filter all the news into a manageable order.
It does seem like we are on the verge of seeing some new product launches and some 2.0 releases of recent projects.
I’m predicting the entropy of building out users for these new tools follows two models:
1) integration as aplets into existing audience bases (large news sites, ecommerce sites, entertainment sites, for example)–making the user experience better and more relevant;
2) New services and destinations–products that offer capabilities that are unique and useful enough you want to sign up right then and keep coming back.
Google’s success–among others–was to simultaneously follow both these models–to make distribution deals with AOL and Yahoo for example, and also keep building and improving Google.com as a destination. In our supersized corporate world, small players often fear being derailed if they partner with (and service) the big guys, but the path to building a core audience base of 1 MM or more on your own can take more than a year, even for the best new product/service.
For that reason, I applaud companies that are able to focus themselves to play the game both ways–to build independent, stand-alone products and services, and also find ways to partner that educate consumers, expose their product, and start grow the business (aka some $$). And I am looking forward eagerly to some of the next generation products about to hit the market.