Rob Enderle and the three words no one speaks

Via Tech News World, Rob Enderle’s thoughts on blogging and big media, post Mediamorphosis:”…What began really to bother me was how people with little or no resources can compete effectively with firms that have massive resources. The answer is that the resources are not being properly applied and that, maybe, the news services don’t understand what their advantage really is. In other words, the “new guys” have chosen the field of battle, and the legacy players have conceded that field.
My sense is the firms got so involved in thinking about other things, like cutting costs, that they lost track of their customers while the bloggers moved in — much like the open-source folks have moved in — to fill the gap. ”
We both attended this conference, and the three words that spell challenge to large media companies–that neither Rob nor anyone else writing about this conference have uttered are complacency, bureaucracy, and fear.
Complacency that a market lead will endure (cause you want it to)
Bureaucracy (curse of all mature companies)
Fear (Of change, new blood, people’s jobs changing, and so on)
This is the cycle of product innovation–and now it is being applied to media.
Guys, learn to live with it, ride the wave, embrace it and let it grow your businesses.