Savers: Where dotcom clothes come home to roost

Hankering for a t-shirt that says Google 01, or a cybererotica cap? Perhaps a Sun introduces HTML sweatshirt, or one from one of the dozens of 90’s companies whose names started with Net, e, or cyber?
There may be a scarcity of such treasures in other parts of the country, but a special magnetism–perhaps similar to the dark alien forces focusing on a NYC high-rise apartment building on Central Park West in Ghostbusters–has irresistibly drawn what seems like hundred of these types of clothes to the racks at Savers, a popular thrift store in San Jose.
Inspired to cruise Savers by my 19-year old friend Eleanor, who has an amazing wardrobe of 70’s classics, all from Savers, I discovered that while My Litle Pony and Tigercats t-shirts abound, so does the deritus of dotcom schwag.. (Unfortunately, I ended up fleeing the store after 20 minutes of combing the racks–the profusion of purple polyester pants and plaid cotton shirts gave me the shivers.)