Taxicab lessons: Six degrees of making connections

A reminder that online social networks aren’t always necessary–getting off the redeye this past week at JFK I ended up in the bus line with 3 Westerners–a couple going to school in Utah, but from the Bay area, and a woman from Berkeley whose husband is in medical school in Utah. We chat a bit, and decide to share a cab into NYC.
In the space of the 40 minute cab ride, we established about six different connections–it turned out that they knew people in common in the Bay area, the woman and I knew a person in common, and the young couple shared some interests with me. Soon, we were all trading email addresses, and the Utah folks were making plans to get together back when they were all there.
It was a great reminder that the human instinct is to connect–and we don’t need online services to make it happen.