Who knows what a blog is?

It’s always puzzled me who knows what a blog is, and who doesn’t.
On one hand, NYC is filled with blog-savvy writers, editors, and media types; on the other hand, I am always meeting publishing types who have no idea what a blog is, have never heard the word, and respond to mentions of blogging with the catch phrase “Huh?”
Here in the Valley, many of the people I talk with are either bloggers, used to be bloggers, or don’t blog but work in the tech business. Those who don’t know from blogs are nontech folks (like musicians) whose core uses of their computer are word processing, AIM, and email–or they’re people who don’t like computers at all(I had dinner with one of those last night).
I recognize that these realities are as much of a comment on the circles I travel in as anything else, but I still wonder what other people’s observations are on who knows about blogging and who doesn’t–especially outside of Silicon Valley and outside of the 15-24 age range.