Why airlines lose customers, Delta division

I just spent the past 90 minutes trying to change my airline reservation from Friday night to Saturday. The first time, after I dialed into the system and talked to the electronic receptionist, I was switched to an attendant who seemed to be in India. She did fine until I asked her to check flights out of three different local airports. Once we (slowly) mastered that challenge, she switched me to the “reissue desk” where I spend 46 minutes on hold, listening to bossa nova music as I read my newsreader.
When I hung up and dialed again, I got a guy in the Salt Lake City office. He was able to quickly locate two available flights, but not to get me a ticket. You see, this airline require all changed tickets go through a reissue desk that makes sure the proper fees are paid–only the department is understaffed, so they can’t answer the phone.
“I can tell you’re a good person just from talking to you,” Delta Guy told me. “So I want to warn you that when I switch you, no one may pick up–so don’t take it personally, just try again in the morning, when more people are on the shift.”
So he switched me…More bossa nova music…and fifteen minutes later I hung up–still with no new ticket. I will call back first thing in the morning, but I now have the definite feeling that I want to NEVER deal with Delta again once this transaction is done.
Update: Sunday morning, and now the flight that I wanted to book last night is sold out…classic. So now I am getting another flight that will work, but not as well. And I’m going to avoid Delta in the future…I am not traveling anywhere so unique that this endless calling is worth it.