About.com: Can citizen media= citizen dollars?

Just got a note from Peter Caputa about the About.com post–he had so much to say he did a blog entry, which I found completely fascinating (Yes, I am one of those people who enjoys watching established companies work to keep on their feet as paradigms shift). Among the points Peter makes:
“The about.com model was that [online] publishing is now a much lower-cost business than it used to be [offline].
Publishing (not journalism) is now a no-cost / low-cost business because of tools like blogger and typepad.
Peter’s solution to spread the $$ around: Syndicate Weblog Content to about.com directory. Compensate webloggers and editors based on ad revenue generated from their writing/editorial activities. ”
Share the wealth.
This all relates back to Jarvis‘ business of blogging shtick. Citizen media=citizen dollars?