About.com: I shop, therefore you ad-target me

Story today about how Primedia’s refocusing About.com to become more of an online destination that can serve targeted ads against users’ profiles and behavior in a session.
A year ago, pre-new regime, an executive no longer there explained in detail that About.com’s strategy was to be discovered as top-line results in as many search queries as possible, particularly on Google.
Now Peter Horan, new CEO of the unit, is directing that the site have a make-over “in an effort to draw in more readers and build brand identity,” as the Reuters story says.
Update: The makeover’s here, and it looks like an attempt to grab the iVillage reader. There are 25 new channel fronts, such as Small Business, which promote articles and offers. Within these sections are the guide areas, such as Career Planning within Jobs & Careers. The design is nice and clean, but it seems curiously flat.
Will be interesting to see if usage goes up or what.