Anil’s Bag: What he’s packing

Gizmodo talks to one of the smartest–and nicest–guys in the biz about the contents of his carry bag.
” 9 earpieces, counting my four pairs of headphones and my telephone headset. Five microphones, from the headset, the phone itself, my PocketPC’s voice recording feature, my laptop’s mic, and the audio capture on my camera. Two cameras, one standalone and one in the phone. Three devices capable of playing MP3s: The PocketPC, the laptop, and the phone. (The GameBoy could play MP3s if I bought that accessory, but that seems redundant.) 512 MB of storage total on the various Compact Flash cards. Five independent LCD screens. Two wifi-enabled devices and two bluetooth enabled devices. Six USB devices. Over 100 feet of cables. Total carrying weight is approximately 15 pounds for all of this gear and their associated power cables. ”
Note: Anil lives in New York, so he can’t stash all this gear in his car.