Blogging: It’s next generation journalism and I don’t care who disagreees

JD Lasica’s got some good thoughts on blogging and citizen journalism.
“What really set me on edge was the notion that we should return to the days when only big-J journalists practice journalism and bloggers, well, whatever they did, it certainly wasn’t journalism.”
Dave, Rebecca, and others have some good posts.
Truth is, I am sick of talking about blogging and journalism.
Why can’t we all just practice both?
Remind me of Stephen Spender being asked what he does, and he said “I am a poet.”
Not–I write poetry. I AM A POET.
And then later, he mocked himself for wanting the label, not the practice.
Well, I am tired of really smart journos explaining why bloggers can’t cut it–and I am tired of bloggers saying they’re just as good as journos.
Practice your craft and be done with it, alright?
Mary’s tired of this too.