Boingboing: New ways to continue the conversation

Boingboing‘s implemented a Technorati query as a link to each of their posts, starting today. This means that not only can I enjoy BoingBoing info; with another click, I can open a new window and see who is linking to this post and what they said.
I hope, however, that this nifty new featurette doesn’t supercede Bongboing’s use of message boards-the impact of posting and reading those 258 odd responses to Mark’s query last week about the site making (mo) money couldn’t be achieved with a mess o’links to individual bloggers posts.
Nevertheless, this is great–
Dave. this is really viral–neat implementation!
(Thanks, Kevin)
How it works:
1) Create your post with a permanent link such as this one. Go to Technorati and put that link into the search box–
3) Add the result as the New! See what other blogs are saying about this
4) My example may not have any links–but you get the idea of how easy it is.
Update: Boohoo! Xian and JD and Ross all linked to this post, but the URL seems to get cut off on the Technorati side. You can see the links when you run a fresh query at Technorati, but not in the stored search string.
As Frank Paynter points out, Dave Sifry has far more on this here.