Comments on Kinja, the non-newsreader newsreader

Publisher Nick Denton says: “Kinja allows even casual internet users to browse topics, explore the latest weblog writing, and then choose favorite authors to track. A personal Kinja digest contains excerpts from a user’s favorites, whether they’re friends who blog, or experts on a particular topic. Kinja is a blog of blogs.”
Meg Hourihan, who led the team, says she’s leaving end of April.
Online blog says Yahoo’s name appears in the terms of service (actually what it says is a bit nastier, but let’s give them benefit of the doubt.)
Lockhart Steele says skip Kinja.
Techdirt, Fred Wilson, John Battelle, Jeremy Wagstaff, and more.
The outpouring of negative comments–in kottke’s comments file, for example– is worth noting; a sense of resentment–and of dismay at those (annoying) sponsored ad links.
I put five feeds in to start, but when I tried to import my OPML file, it said it was too large–hope that changes post-Beta. I’ll keep playing with it–and add more feeds–but I’m not wowed yet…The design is clean…but the little pictures scrolling down beside the blog entries don’t thrill me.