Dept. of How you know when it’s time to take a break

I’ve been working on a detailed proposal for a new project and have written about 12 pages.
Put it aside today to work on other things. LOTS of phone calls.
I went back to the proposal tonight and discovered, to my horror, that I had somehow managed to delete everything but the first page.
I started trying to get the file back–
First, I restored the system to an earlier today. Nah, that didn’t work.
Next, I restored it to Monday, Didn’t work either.
Went into the recycle bin and tried to get the file back–the version in there only had the first page too. Waah!
Went online and read about all sorts of system restore programs that work only if you’ve installed them before you lose something.
Just as I am about to face the zen of redoing this whole thing from scratch, I click on the file and realize it is waaay to big to have only one page.
Where did the rest of it go?
Sure enough, I find out that the whole thing is there–there’s just been some glitch in the formatting that’s created a batch of blank pages after the header.
Ta-dah! File restored.
Lesson learned: Working too fast, slow down.